Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Unveils New Visual With Ena Saitou & Chikuwa

The official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of Afro’s popular manga series, “Laid-Back Camp” (also known as “Yuru Camp△”), unveiled a brand new key visual for the upcoming season 3, and it features the fan-favorite Ena Saitou and her furry companion, Chikuwa!

The visual paints a heartwarming picture of Ena diligently setting up a miniature tent, presumably for Chikuwa, amidst the backdrop of a scenic campsite. The playful pup, meanwhile, seems more interested in exploring the surroundings, tail wagging and tongue lolling out in pure canine joy.

This reveal follows a series of character visuals released in the lead-up to season 3’s premiere in April 2024, each showcasing one of the beloved camping enthusiasts in their element. From Nadeshiko’s wide-eyed wonder to Rin’s stoic solo campout, these visuals have successfully captured the essence of the series laid-back charm and diverse cast.

Laid-Back Camp
Image Source: Official Twitter Account

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The inclusion of Ena and Chikuwa in the latest visual holds specific significance for fans. Ena, known for her quiet demeanor and love for photography, often brings a gentle perspective to the group’s camping escapades. Chikuwa, with his fluffy Shiba Inu charm and playful antics, has become a mascot for the series, embodying the carefree spirit of outdoor exploration.

This visual effectively highlights the key themes of “Laid-Back Camp“: appreciating the simple pleasures of nature, finding joy in companionship (both human and canine), and cherishing the moments shared under the open sky.

Season 3 is set to return the anime to its high school roots, following the girls’ camping adventures before the events of the movie, which depicted their future selves. Fans can anticipate more slice-of-life stories, mouthwatering camp meals, and the signature blend of humor and heartwarming moments that have made “Laid-Back Camp” a beloved slice-of-life anime.

Streaming Platforms:

  • Crunchyroll: This platform streamed both previous seasons of Laid-Back Camp and has confirmed they will also stream Season 3. It’s highly likely to be the main platform for international audiences.
  • Other streaming services: There’s a chance it might also be available on other platforms like HiDive, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video depending on licensing agreements. However, confirmed information isn’t available yet.

Source: Official Twitter

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