A Few Moments of Cheers, Is A New Original Anime Movie About Music Video Production

Bandai Namco Filmworks has announced an original anime movie titled Suu-funkan no Yell wo (A Few Moments of Cheers), which is scheduled to premiere in early Summer 2024. The movie is directed by Poppurika and the assistant director is Ohajiki. The script is written by Jukki Hanada and the art director is Magotsuki. The movie features voice actors Natsuki Hanae and Mariya Ise as Kanata Asaya and Yuu Orie respectively. Singer-songwriter Kei Sugawara will be the singing voice for Orie.

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The story revolves around Kanata Asaya, a high school boy who is passionate about making music videos. One day, he comes across a street performance that deeply moves him. The person singing is Yuu Orie, a female teacher who had given up on pursuing a music career. Kanata strongly wishes to create a music video for the song. The movie follows their journey as they work together to make the music video a reality.

A Few Moments of Cheers

The teaser visual and trailer for the movie have been released on the official website. The movie is produced by Hurray! and 100studio and distributed by Bandai Namco Filmworks.

This movie will surely be a treat for anime fans, especially those who enjoy music-themed anime. Fans can look forward to the movie’s release in Summer 2024.

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