BUCCHIGIRI?! Unveils Creditless Opening & Ending Theme Videos: Dive Deeper into the Delinquent World!

Calling all delinquents and magic enthusiasts! The hype for BUCCHIGIRI?! just reached critical mass with the release of its creditless opening and ending theme videos! Now you can blast the adrenaline-pumping “BROTHERHOOD” by Kroi and the sweet melody of “Sora to Hoshi no Message” by Yui Ogura without the credits rolling in and stealing your focus.

For those just tuning in, BUCCHIGIRI?! is the anime that throws school brawls, genies, and tight bonds of friendship into one explosive cocktail. Arajin Tomoshibi’s reunion with his old pal Matakara Asamine takes a sharp turn when they find themselves facing down the toughest gang in town. Just when you think things can’t get any crazier, a giant genie crashes the party, setting the stage for the ultimate clash of coolness and magic.

The opening theme, “BROTHERHOOD,” perfectly captures the show’s high-octane energy. Kroi’s funky rock sound is a sonic rebellion, a middle finger to expectations with its driving rhythm and rebellious lyrics. The animation follows suit, showcasing Arajin and Matakara’s slick fighting moves and the jaw-dropping arrival of the genie. Be prepared for headbanging and fist-pumping – this OP is pure hype fuel!

Sora to Hoshi no Message” by Yui Ogura offers a welcome contrast, a gentle ballad that delves into the emotional core of BUCCHIGIRI?!. The song speaks of hope, friendship, and overcoming challenges, reflecting the deeper bond between Arajin and Matakara. The animation takes a softer turn, showcasing the beauty of the night sky and the characters’ heartfelt moments. It’s a reminder that amidst the chaos, there’s a powerful connection holding them together.

With both the OP and ED now at your disposal, experiencing BUCCHIGIRI?! just got even more immersive. You can jam out to the music, analyze the animation, and appreciate the depth of the story on a whole new level. So crank up the volume, grab your posse, and prepare to witness the ultimate bucchigiri showdown!

Where to find the creditless OP & ED:

Opening Theme Song: “Sesame”

Ending Theme Song: “Love Je t’aime”

Now get out there and let your delinquent flag fly! BUCCHIGIRI?! awaits!

Source: MAPPA Official Youtube Channel

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