Dragon Ball Daima: Goku’s Epic Battle Against the Demon Army

The Dragon Ball franchise has been a fan favorite for decades, and the latest installment, Dragon Ball Daima, has fans buzzing with excitement. Recently, the franchise’s newest anime installment revealed a brand-new trailer at the weekend-long Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 event in Los Angeles, along with some original character artwork by franchise creator Akira Toriyama.

The new trailer focuses specifically on Son Goku, showing the pint-sized Saiyan fighting off a horde of demon soldiers with his famous power pole, the weapon he also relied on in the original Dragon Ball manga. Much of the original series’ humor also shines through as Goku tries to scarf down plates of food while defending himself.

Dragon Ball Daima is set to begin airing in Fall 2024, and it features a brand-new story revolving around Goku and his friends being transformed into childlike versions of themselves. The gang must embark on a journey together to a mysterious new world in order to return to normal. The series will consist of 20 episodes total, indicating a significantly shorter storyline than seen in past Dragon Ball series.

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The new trailer has provided fans with a glimpse of what they can expect from the upcoming series, and it has left them eagerly anticipating its release. The original character artwork by Akira Toriyama has also been a major talking point among fans, who are excited to see how the characters will be portrayed in the new series.

Overall, Dragon Ball Daima looks like it will be a fun and exciting addition to the Dragon Ball franchise. Fans of the series are sure to be eagerly counting down the days until its release.

SOURCE: Official Website, Crunchyroll

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