Buckle Up, Manga Maniacs! “Egao no Taenai Shokuba desu.” Blasts Onto TV Screens in 2025!

Hold onto your drawing pencils, manga enthusiasts, because the laugh-a-minute workplace romp Egao no Taenai Shokuba desu. (A Smile in an Unbearable Workplace) is finally getting the anime treatment it deserves! This news, revealed alongside the release of the series’ ninth volume in Japan, has fans buzzing with excitement, eager to see Nana Futami’s quirky world of manga creation come to life in vibrant animation.

Egao no Taenai Shokuba desu
“Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season” key visual

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Kuzushiro’s delightful creation revolves around Nana, a rookie shoujo artist whose artistic genius is rivaled only by her occasional bouts of “occupational illness” (read: hilarious delusions). Supported by the sharp-witted editor Kaede Sato and the ever-energetic assistant Mizuki Hazama, Nana navigates the chaotic world of deadlines, creative blocks, and office antics with infectious enthusiasm. Their journey is a hilarious whirlwind of ink-stained mayhem, punctuated by heartwarming moments of friendship and creative triumph.

Egao no Taenai Shokuba desu.” has garnered a devoted fanbase thanks to its relatable portrayal of the manga industry’s hidden (and often absurd) side. Fans adore the way Kuzushiro balances laugh-out-loud humor with genuine warmth, making viewers feel like they’re part of the team at Shindan Comics, the series’ fictional publishing house.

The announcement of the anime adaptation, entrusted to the capable hands of Voil (known for “I’m Quitting Hero-ing” and “My Next Life as a Villainess“), has sent social media into overdrive. Speculation about the cast, animation style, and even the opening theme song is rampant. Will they keep the manga’s signature chibi-style for comedic moments? Will we hear Nana’s internal monologues voiced in all their delusional glory? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the hype is real.

Kuzushiro herself fueled the fire with a celebratory illustration showcasing the main trio in their animated glory, further amplifying the community’s anticipation. While the exact air date in 2025 remains a mystery, fans have plenty of time to catch up on the manga or revisit their favorite chapters.

So, mark your calendars and prepare your funny bones, because “Egao no Taenai Shokuba desu.” is poised to become the next must-watch anime. Get ready for a vibrant, hilarious, and ultimately heartwarming journey into the world of manga creation, where deadlines are looming, deadlines are exploding, and laughter is always on the menu. This one’s gonna be legendary, folks, so don’t miss out!

Bonus details:

  • Specific arc to adapt: The “School Trip Arc” (Chapters 22-28) is a fan favorite filled with hilarious misunderstandings, unexpected character development, and a heartwarming conclusion. Imagine seeing Nana’s delusional antics come to life at a haunted hotel!
  • Manga’s success: The series has over 700,000 copies in print, won the “Best Shoujo Manga” award at the Manga Shibai Awards, and enjoys immense popularity on digital platforms.
  • Similar anime: Fans who enjoyed “Shirobako” and “Bakuman.” will likely appreciate the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the manga industry.
  • Fan reactions: Tweets like “My life is complete!” and “2025 can’t come soon enough!” highlight the excitement in the community.

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