One Piece Animator Apologizes for Bonney’s Controversy From Episode 1090

One Piece, the popular anime series based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda, has been running for over two decades and has amassed a huge fanbase. However, not every episode is well-received by the fans, and sometimes the animators face backlash for their artistic choices. Such was the case with episode 1090, which aired on January 15, 2024, and featured a scene of Jewelry Bonney, a 12-year-old pirate with the ability to change her age and appearance, sitting topless in a bath.

The scene, which was adapted from a panel in the manga, sparked a controversy among the fans, who accused the animator of sexualizing a minor and objectifying a female character. Some fans even sent hate messages and curses to the animator, who goes by the name of KDA_Artist on social media. The animator posted a tweet on January 16, 2024, revealing that they were the key animator for the Bonney scenes in episode 1090, and shared a picture of the controversial scene.

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However, the animator did not respond to the criticism with anger or defensiveness, but rather with humor and humility. They apologized for the sexualizing debate, but not for how Bonney was depicted, but instead for animating a shirtless Jinbei, another character who appeared in the same episode. This witty remark was well received by the fans, who appreciated the animator’s sense of humor and professionalism.

The animator also explained that they were unaware of Bonney’s real age, as it was only revealed in the recent chapters of the manga, and that they were just following the original source material. They also thanked the fans for their support and feedback, and expressed their love for One Piece and its characters.

The controversy over Bonney’s design in episode 1090 is not the first time that One Piece has faced criticism for its portrayal of female characters. Oda, the creator of the series, has admitted that he draws women with exaggerated proportions, such as large breasts and small waists, and that he receives many complaints from his female audience. However, he has also created many female characters who have different body types and personalities, and who play important roles in the story.

One Piece is one of the most successful and influential anime and manga series of all time, and has a loyal and passionate fanbase. However, it is also a series that deals with mature and complex themes, such as war, slavery, racism, and justice, and sometimes challenges the expectations and preferences of its viewers. As such, it is inevitable that some episodes or scenes will spark debates and controversies among the fans, who have different opinions and perspectives on the series. The best way to handle these situations is to respect the creator’s vision, the animator’s work, and the fan’s feedback, and to enjoy the series for what it is: a masterpiece of adventure and entertainment.

Source: animehunch, Twitter

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